Book cover designs BY ALEXANDRA PURTAN


Magical covers for out of this world stories




Book Cover Design

UNIQUE DESIGN with Licensed Image Stock and/or DAZ Assets - every premade is sold only once

Author Name & Book Title Customized

~ within a week of purchase

Simple edits included


- eBook cover in both JPEG and PNG formats

- 1 Social Media banner

- 1 3d Cover Mockup (with transparent background - PNG format)



Book Cover Design

UNIQUE DESIGN with Licensed Image Stock and/or DAZ Assets created from the concept of a requester

No-down-payment or other obligations


The requester has first refusal rights and 1 week to make the decision. (If refused the cover will be sold as a simple premade)

No revisions, except for font customization


- eBook cover in both JPEG and PNG formats

- 1 Social Media banner

- 1 3d Cover Mockup (with transparent background - PNG format)

*Work on a custom-premade order will begin on the next availability in the schedule after it is received

**Due to limited time, the designer reserves the right to choose from submitted requests and will sometimes not serve all orders 



Book Cover Design

1 Exclusive Character (Depositphotos Licensed Image Stock and/or DAZ Assets)

3 Pre-Artwork alterations

3 Post-Artwork alterations (Font revisions and minor changes)

Professional Typography design



- eBook cover in both JPEG and PNG formats

- 1 Social Media banner

- 1 Blank Artwork image

- 1 3d Cover Mockup (with transparent background - PNG format)

*Availablility from November 2021

*Requires an immediate $50 deposit to secure your slot

(discounted from the total price)



3D Book Cover Mockup - $15
Social Media/Promotional Graphics - $30/img
Bookmark (front & back) - $70*
*available only for book covers created by Fenix Designs

Typography only design - $150
Custom Book Series Logo - $200
Custom Author Logo - $350
Print-Ready Bussines Card - $150

Paperback Cover Option - $70
Hardback Cover Option - $100
AudioBook Cover Option - $50
Wide Artwork Option - $100
Rush Fee - $100 per month earlier

Additional main/complex character - $70
Additional small/simple character - $30
Extra/Complex Alterations - starting at $15



My name is Alexandra Purtan and I'm a book cover artist and graphic designer with more than a decade of experience in the creative industry. I specialize in various Fantasy and Sci-fi genres like Urban Fantasy, Paranormal & Sci-fi Romance, Romantic Fantasy, Magical Realism, Space Opera, etc.

 Reading is one of my favorite hobbies and I admire authors for creating the wonderful stories I love so much. Through their books, those authors awoke a desire to contribute in some way to the success of those worlds of words, so I decided to use my abilities and experience of more than a decade as a graphic designer to provide eye-catching and highly marketable cover designs that are an on-trend visual representation of the story inside.


How long does it take you to finish a cover?

The process of creating a cover varies depending on complexity, rate of response and several other things. An average time is about a week and a half, with some covers getting done in 3-4 days and others requiring 3 weeks or more.

I want to commission a custom cover. Can you explain the process?

Before anything else I would sugest contacting me to check if my availability fits your deadline. After we’ve come to an agreement on the deadline, you’ll need to fill in the custom cover brief containing questions pertinent to the book you want a cover designed for and pay an immediate down payment of $50 (discounted from the total cost of the custom) securing your spot in my schedule. When the month your spot is scheduled in, comes around, I’ll review the form information and contact you (either by email, message, or online call - whichever you prefer most) to discuss more in detail the vision for your project or any other details that we may need to and start working on creating your cover. Next, I'll research the genre of your book for new trends and make a rough sketch with the concept I propose. Once that is approved, I'll start putting together the cover. You will receive previews of the stages in the process that give you the chance to review and make changes to the design if you feel it's not going in the direction you want. Once you are satisfied with the design and the rest of the agreed-upon amount is paid in full, you will receive the final artwork files.

What are your refund/cancellation policies?

For premades, I will only issues a full refund if the cover hasn't already been customized. For custom covers, if the artwork has already created and the files have been sent, I won’t issue a refund. If you contact me within a week since securring your spot in my calendar to cancel it, I will refund in full the $50 down-payment. Beyond absolute emergencies, I won’t cancel a project. In the rare case that I do, I will issue a full refund, regardless of how much work has been done on your commission.

Can you create a series of covers based on a premade?

Usually, yes. Most of my premades are created having in mind the possibility of a continuation, but there are some rare cases in which that may not be possible. Pricing will be in line with my custom cover option rather than premade price. Please contact me directly to see if the premade cover you are considering purchasing can be made into a series, to discuss availability and any other inquires you may have.

Where do you get your images?

My images are typically licensed with Deposit Photos. I also use Daz renders that I create myself or in rare cases images purchased from different stock providers. Typical licensing is up to 500,000 copies. Contact me for extensive licensing needed for more print copies, promotional items or any item meant for resale and distribution.

Are your cover designs sold only once?

Yes! Any cover is finished and customised just for the buyer, and it will never be sold by me again. I most likely won’t use the same image in another cover, but unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that the stock image itself (if it’s not a Daz render created by me) won’t be used by another designer.

Can I commission an ebook cover now and a paperback version later? How about an audiobook version?

Yes, you can definetly comission additional options at a later date! Just please contact me with at least a week before you need to have them so I can make time in my schedule to create them.

Do I have to credit you in my book?

I will greatly appreciate it if you acknowledge my work and add the following to formats of any form (ebook, print copy, audiobook, or future forms of creative content) with full writing or hyperlinks therein: Cover Design by Alexandra Purtan at www.fenix-designs.com